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"HEART" (一切從心出發) 


H -  We need to build our Harmonious Home with “heart” (Relating to the maritalrelationship and parent-child relationship)
我們必須用『心』去建構一個和諧的家庭 (關於夫妻關係及親子關係)

E -  We need to Encourage and Establish our children from “heart” (Relating to the nurture of the children)
我們必須盡『心』去鼓勵培育我們的孩子 (關於教養子女)

A -  We need to Accept ourselves and others from “heart” (Relating to self-acceptance and caring of the others)
我們必須虛『心』去接納自己及他人 (關於自我認同與關愛他人)

R -  We need to Respect each other in the society from “heart” (Relating to personal manner, attitude and self-discipline)
我們必須衷『心』去尊重社會中每一個人 (關於個人行為、態度與自律)

T -  We need to Trust each other in the family from “heart” ( Relating to family support)
我們必須誠『心』去信任家庭中每一個人 (關於家庭支援)

"CARE" (關愛)

C - Communication 溝通 and Consideration 體諒


A - Accountability 責任 and Availability 時間


R - Respect 尊重 and Reflection 反省


E - Empathy 同理心 and Encouragement 鼓勵



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